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Thanks to our partners. Take Action Now.
Now more than ever, we need your support in the campaign to stop British involvement in the Ilisu Dam. The government has still not decided whether to give a $200 million export credit guarantee to a British consortuim or company to help it build the dam - so the need to act now is urgent!

There are many ways you can help:

We urge you to call on the Government to pull out of this disastrous project once and for all. (We are currently preparing an updated letter for this.)

• Take Action Now! Recent media coverage on dams - and particularly Ilisu offers a great opportunity to pile on pressure. Act now!

• Sign a postcard to Prime Minister - we'll collect them and deliver them to Downing Street! Print and sign the postcard here.

• Organise a speaker meeting. The more people hear about the Ilisu Dam the more people will join the upsurge of public outrage against this project! We can help provide information, resources and speakers.

• Send a protest letter to Prime Minister, asking him to reconsider his government's conditional approval of export credit support for the Ilisu Dam (we are currently preparing an updated letter for this).

• Get your trade union involved! Click here for a sample motion to propose at your next union meeting

• Support the campaign: We'd rather spend our time campaigning than fundraising - so please help support our efforts by giving us a donation. Click here.

• Keep visiting out web-site! We'll update it each week with the latest news on the Ilisu Dam and with more ideas of how you can get involved.

Many thanks for your support!

Thanks to partners